The HDVI solution combines:

A smart, competitive insurance product

High-quality telematics

An integrated suite of software and live support

All included in the cost of insurance

Run a better company with HDVI’s integrated software

HDVI doesn’t just insure your fleet – we provide you with the resources to run a more safe, compliant, and profitable operation.

Our powerful tools include:

With HDVI, you get ongoing support,
no matter your fleet’s size

In addition to easy-to-use software, we provide you with integrated support. As an HDVI insured, you’ll get a dedicated fleet services representative throughout the lifetime of the policy. Your representative will help you utilize the tools that HDVI provides, empowering you to implement a best-in-class safety and compliance program in your fleet.

Our telematics partners

HDVI partners with the leading ELD and camera vendors in the commercial trucking industry. See our telematics partners below.

Frequently asked questions

What if my current ELD or camera provider is a Telematics Partner of HDVI?

That’s great news! If your current ELD or camera provider is a Telematics Partner of HDVI, then depending on the age and quality of the equipment, HDVI may take over the cost of those telematics or bring you new equipment. We may even upgrade you to a higher level of service as well – all at no cost to you.

What if my ELD or camera provider is not a Telematics Partner of HDVI?

If your current ELD or camera provider is not an HDVI Telematics Partner, that’s fine too. You have several options available to you:

  • HDVI can bring you new ELDs and cameras at no cost to you, and you can replace your old units with new units 
  • You may be able to keep your existing units. Contact us for details.

I’m worried about driver privacy. Does HDVI require inward-facing cameras?

Most of our Telematics Partner devices come with inward-facing cameras. In general, it is the fleet’s choice as to whether to turn on the inward-facing cameras.

What are some of the other benefits of being an HDVI insured?

In addition to the benefits listed above, there are some additional benefits that come with being an HDVI insured:

  • Connectivity for your drivers. Several of our ELD partners provide 4G Wifi hotspots through their gateways, so your drivers can tether to the device and be more connected away from home.
  • No fixed telematics contracts. Fleets that take new telematics from HDVI are not locked into any long-term telematics contracts. They get all of the benefits of the best-in-class telematics systems, but don’t have any long-term commitment if they stop being insured by HDVI.

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