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HDVI makes claims easy and efficient

When accidents happen, our goal is to help you manage a smooth claims process.

Need to file a claim now?

Let us know ASAP for best outcomes. HDVI’s claims line is answered by Gallagher Bassett, who provides 24×7 services through a team dedicated to HDVI customers. Please mention the HDVI client code: 009492



We support you with expert resources that understand trucking so you get the best outcome as quickly as possible.

  • A single adjuster per claim
  • Dedication subrogation team
  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • Major Case Unit devoted to high severity incidents
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Claims resources

Accident Reporting Card thumbnail

Accident Reporting Card

Accident Preparedness Guide thumbnail

Accident Preparedness Guide

FAQs about claims

When should I submit a claim?

Every incident, regardless of fault or magnitude, should be promptly reported. This will enable HDVI to provide you the best protection and claim services available.

How does a claim impact my insurance premium?

Many factors are reviewed when determining rates, and claims history is a part of that evaluation. HDVI reviews each incident to determine if there was a fault and to what degree. It is far worse to have late reported claims than to have a promptly reported incident.

Do I get a claims advocate from HDVI?

Yes! HDVI is committed to providing the best in class Claims service and support. You have a direct contact at HDVI to help you through the claims process and address your questions and concerns.