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HDVI makes claims easy and efficient

When accidents happen, our goal is to help you manage a smooth claims process.

You may report claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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We support you with expert resources that understand trucking so you get the best outcome as quickly as possible

  • 24/7 claims reporting
  • Experienced trucking adjusters
  • Claims number provided to customers same day when reported within business hours
  • Faster resolution of claims
  • Direct access to U.S.-based support team and constant contact with assigned claims professional
  • Emergency response team at point of accident and available for post-incident fact gathering
  • Quick access to telematics data and video and knowledge of customers' operations from HDVI fleet services team
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Meet our team of trucking claims experts

Marty Maroney, HDVI Chief Fleet Services Officer

Marty Maroney

Chief Fleet Services & Telematics Officer

Karla Ferguson, HDVI Director of Claims

Karla Ferguson

VP of Claims

Jim McTighe, HDVI Claims

Jim McTighe

Claims Manager

Benjamin Howley, HDVI Claims

Benjamin Howley

Claims Operations Analyst

Janice Hayne, Senior Liability Adjuster, HDVI

Janice Hayne

Senior Liability Adjuster

Lisa Rivera, HDVI Claims

Lisa Rivera

Liability Adjuster

Erica Russell, Liability Adjuster, HDVI

Erica Russell

Liability Adjuster

Michael Spencer, Senior Physical Damage Adjuster, HDVI

Michael Spencer

Senior Physical Damage Adjuster

Mark Livingston, Physical Damage Adjuster, HDVI

Mark Livingston

Physical Damage Adjuster

Holly Owen, Physical Damage Adjuster, HDVI

Holly Owen

Physical Damage Adjuster

Claims resources

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Accident Reporting Card

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Accident Preparedness Guide

FAQs about claims

When should I submit a claim?

Every incident, regardless of fault or magnitude, should be promptly reported. This will enable HDVI to provide you the best protection and claim services available.

How does a claim impact my insurance premium?

Many factors are reviewed when determining rates, and claims history is a part of that evaluation. HDVI reviews each incident to determine if there was a fault and to what degree. It is far worse to have late reported claims than to have a promptly reported incident.

Do I get a claims advocate from HDVI?

Yes! HDVI is committed to providing the best in class Claims service and support. You have a direct contact at HDVI to help you through the claims process and address your questions and concerns.

What information do I need to report a claim?

To report a claim, you'll need to provide a basic description of what happened and where it occurred. Additional information and documentation can be gathered and provided later as requested by the claims adjustor.

What are the risks of not reporting claims promptly or not reporting them at all?

Not reporting claims promptly or at all can lead to increased claims costs, loss of evidence, reduced credibility of witness and driver statements, legal complications, and potentially higher insurance premiums.

How can technology improve the claims investigation process?

Technology, such as dash cams, telematics data, GPS tracking, electronic logging devices (ELDs), and advanced analytics, can streamline the claims investigation process by providing accurate and timely evidence and data, leading to faster and more efficient claims resolutions. Securing this data immediately following an accident should be a top priority.

What if the incident seems minor or I believe my company is not at fault?

Even if an incident appears minor or you believe that your company is not at fault, it's essential to report the claim immediately. Minor incidents can sometimes escalate into larger claims, and initial assumptions about fault may change upon further investigation. Prompt reporting allows your insurance company to investigate on your behalf and protect your interests.

How can I ensure my trucking company follows best practices for claims reporting?

Establish a clear and concise claims reporting procedure within your company, educate your employees on the importance of prompt claims reporting, and encourage the use of technology to gather and preserve evidence. Regularly review and update your procedures to ensure continued adherence to best practices.