HDVI Commercial Trucking Insurance

Modern insurance driven by
service, safety, and savings.


HDVI helps fleets control risk and earn discounts on their monthly insurance premiums

Safe fleets can earn premium discounts each month with the first dynamically-priced insurance policy for trucking: HDVI Shift®

Truck and driver with shield

Competitive rates, great coverage

Our dynamic trucking insurance starts with competitive prices, broad coverages with enhanced forms, flexible payment terms, and no hidden fees.
Truck driver and safety manager discussion

Integrated telematics, safety tools, and service

Our tools and services help trucking fleets set goals, benchmark safety metrics and engage with drivers, giving more control of safety and operations.
Safety trend reporting and analysis

Better safety, lower costs from month one

HDVI rewards safe driving with insurance discounts - giving fleets the power to reduce monthly premiums by up to 20%.

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It starts with rock solid commercial trucking insurance tailored to fit your fleet

Comprehensive coverages with options that reflect how your fleet operates.

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