Fleet Services

Every HDVI customer gets partnered with a Fleet Services rep to help you get the most from your safety program.

Our best-in-class insurance is strengthened by a team of truck fleet management experts who not only understand insurance risk but have been in your shoes as a trucking professional.

Our dedicated fleet services representatives help customers reduce costs, mitigate risks, and run a more efficient business.

HDVI Fleet Services helps you get the most from your safety program

We believe the best way to improve safety is to take a holistic approach to fleet management that includes telematics, actionable insights, and driver coaching. 




Claims support

Endorsement support


 Interpret telematics data

 Facilitate driver coaching

Safety program best practices


 Solution selection

 Order and install (if needed)

Setup and onboarding


 DOT inspections software

 DataQ review

Meet our team of truck fleet management experts 

Marty Maroney, Head of Fleet Services, HDVI

Marty Maroney

Chief Fleet Services & Telematics Officer

As Chief Fleet Services & Telematics Officer, Marty Maroney leads a team of insurance and trucking industry experts in ensuring HDVI customers have access to the resources, tools, and knowledge they need. Throughout his 27+ year career in the insurance industry, Marty has held a variety of Claims and Loss Control positions. Marty is also responsible for the efficient deployment of HDVI’s telematics solutions.

“I am proud of HDVI’s authentic commitment to our customers. Everyone here really has a sincere desire to provide exceptional service while helping fleets become safer in their operations.”

Mark Brest, HDVI Fleet Services

Mark Brest

Fleet Services Operations Manager

Mark brings a wealth of experience in commercial insurance and safety management to the team. He educates customers on how to proactively use technology and data to improve safety and compliance performance. One of his favorite parts of his role on the Fleet Services Team is helping his customers understand the various FMCSA and OSHA regulations they may be subject to and working with them to implement best practices for their business.

“Trucking companies can have razor-thin margins, and the cost of insurance is one of the top expenses for a trucking company. Anytime I can help fleets make the roads safer and save money using technology, I am all-in on the opportunity.”

Bob Carl, HDVI Fleet Services

Bob Carl

Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

Over the course of his two decades in the trucking industry, Bob Carl has held just about every position imaginable. A licensed Class A and B driver, Bob also has experience as a heavy-duty truck mechanic, maintenance shop manager, and fleet safety manager. Bob is committed to helping fleets and drivers improve their safety and compliance performance and make the roads safer for everyone.

“I’ve always been passionate about trucking safety. I love helping fleets and drivers implement positive changes, and it’s extremely powerful to see them make improvement turnarounds that they did not think were possible.”

Dave Tucker, HDVI Fleet Services

David Tucker

Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

Tucker has been in the trucking industry for more than 25 years, in a variety of positions that help him see the product and services from the eyes of the customer. In addition to his hands-on trucking experience, Tucker has an extensive background in operations and compliance and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).

“I joined HDVI to be able to offer small fleets access to advanced safety metrics and telematics insights. I love working with fleets to help them improve safety, compliance, and efficiency.”

Keith Myers, HDVI Fleet Services

Keith Myers

Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

Keith’s previous broker and trucking roles have helped him build a strong background in fleet operations, as well as valuable insight into how the market affects fleets. He helps HDVI insureds review and analyze their safety and compliance performance.

“As a Fleet Services Rep, I enjoy the ability to provide fleets with useful information surrounding their fleet’s safety that they may have been unaware of, and then seeing improvement over time is very rewarding.”

Morgan Miller (1)

Morgan Miller

Associate Fleet Services Representative

In her role as an Associate Fleet Services Representative, Morgan helps fleets get their HDVI programs up and running and performs valuable telematics data analysis.

“I joined HDVI because I can see this is the future of trucking insurance. I love working with the talented and intelligent people here and bringing an innovative product to market that will truly change the lives of our customers.”

Need help optimizing your fleet’s safety?

That’s what HDVI Fleet Services is for.