Help fleets help themselves.

Commercial trucking is a critical component of our supply chain – every product and raw material was once on a truck – and today, that supply chain is at risk.

Keeping fleets in business takes more than just an insurance policy. Agents have an important role to play in changing the insurance game to meet today’s needs.

HDVI partners with a select group of specialized agents to solve this crucial problem by keeping trucks on the road, protected and safe.

We’re committed to serving the industry that serves America.

HDVI is breaking the mold by re-engineering how insurance fundamentally operates. And our approach works; our average customer saves $50,000.

HDVI’s dynamically priced insurance product is based on real-time data that feeds up-to-date risk models, enabling fleets to decrease their premiums within their policy term – ultimately driving down their costs while helping make the roads safer for everyone.

And while this sounds sophisticated, we are actually extremely easy to work with. HDVI is ELD agnostic and provides all the tools and resources needed to deliver uncomplicated protection for the industry that keeps America running.

HDVI is putting fleets in the driver’s seat and agents riding shotgun.

Streamlined processes & increased revenues

HDVI is not only a better solution for fleets, we’re a better partner for agents. Our Agent Portal provides our selected, specialized agents all the tools and resources they need to more efficiently and effortlessly quote and manage their fleets. HDVI isn’t just another policy, we’re your partner – helping you streamline processes so less time is spent doing mundane back-office tasks, and more of your attention can be spent on driving revenue for your business.

Competitive rates with value added software & services

HDVI provides competitively priced insurance out of the gate but our tools and services are really what set us apart. HDVI provides fleets and agents alike access to a portal that delivers the tools needed to more efficiently operate. And our Fleet Services team is hands on, helping fleets and agents understand exactly how to increase efficiencies, decrease the risk of nuclear verdicts and ultimately lower costs of doing business.

Integrated telematics with a suite of tools

HDVI is ELD agnostic and delivers immediate cost savings for fleets by helping to pay for their telematics. With full data integrations, our suite of tools enables fleets to understand their driving behavior and take action to reduce premiums within their policy term.

Dynamic pricing with mitigated risk

HDVI is the first to offer the commercial trucking industry a dynamically priced insurance solution – reducing premiums monthly with safer driving.

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