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Commercial trucking has long been the backbone of our country. However, trucking has changed tremendously over the past decade. Costs are surging, risks are rising and the reasons a fleet could go out of business are multiplying.

In a time where owning a fleet is more challenging than ever before, HDVI is stepping up to serve the industry that serves America.

HDVI is the insurance solution for today’s fleets. With real-time telematics data informing our risk models, we help fleets to stay on the road. We help lower premiums, mitigate risk, engage and reward drivers and simply put, offer uncomplicated protection for your fleet – all while bringing unmatched and extraordinary cost savings to the table.

Here’s how:

Reduce insurance costs


Traditional insurance companies have broadly raised rates based on antiquated risk models — leaving even safer fleets paying more, year after year.


HDVI’s Shift is a dynamic pricing insurance product that uses real time telematics data to develop fleet-specific risk models. Fleets can lower their monthly premiums, within the term of their policy, by simply driving safer.

Mitigate risk


With unsafe driving trends, staged accidents, and nuclear verdicts on the rise, mitigating risk is more important than ever.


HDVI’s portal is the gateway to your data, analytics and tools to help you successfully and meaningfully pull the right levers to mitigate your risk of nuclear verdict.

Attract drivers


Drivers keep fleets moving. But it’s a highly competitive market. So keeping drivers happy and loyal is key to running a successful fleet.


HDVI believes that when drivers do a good job, they should be recognized. Our Driver Rewards platform makes it easy to show appreciation for safe driving and can be integrated into a fleet’s existing recognition and reward program.

AI dashcams included


Regulations require fleets to have expensive and complicated telematics installed on every one of their trucks.


HDVI delivers immediate value by reimbursing fleets for dashcam monthly costs. If a fleet has not yet deployed dashcams, HDVI will get them installed at no cost.

HDVI brings an additional $50,000 in cost savings and value to our average customer.*

Camera hardware and services

HDVI integrated software & services

Infinit-I workforce solutions

Premium savings

*Subject to availability on a state by state basis

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