Fleet Safety Tools and Resources

We provide fleets with tools to increase efficiencies, decrease costs, and mitigate risks across their business

Fleet safety tools and resources

HDVI provides a variety of tools that use telematics data to support your fleet safety program and help your entire team succeed throughout the year.

HDVI Fleet Portal

Fleets have access to the HDVI Fleet Portal, where they can view their fleet's telematics data and track safety trends 24/7.

  • Monitor the HDVI Shift discount
  • Access policy details
  • Review safety metrics and driver safety leaderboards
  • Monitor DOT compliance
  • View and manage the equipment list
HDVI Fleet Portal insights graph

HDVI Driver+: Driver rewards made easy

HDVI’s Driver+ helps drivers understand their driving habits and where they can improve to increase their individual safety.

  • Drivers can view their safety events, trends, and leaderboard
  • Optional custom rewards program administration, including customized payout structures allows drivers to earn extra income
  • Leaderboards promote friendly competition centered on safe driving
  • Access to telematics safety data creates transparency and trust
  • Dashboards create a clear, unbiased supplement to coaching conversations
HDVI Driver+ App

Safety video platform

Customers are provided an online safety learning platform that's easy to use for safety managers and drivers, so you can keep your drivers up-to-date and on the road.

  • Monthly safety video assignments
  • Short safety videos
  • Portal for fleet admin to track completion
Infinit-I Safety Video platform

Fleet Services insights & coaching

And HDVI is unique in providing a dedicated Fleet Services rep to put these tools to best use and provide insights on where your fleet can become safer.

Driver in truck

Fleet safety resources

Master driver coaching to increase safety

Master driver coaching

HDVI CVSA Break Safety Week blog featured image

Prepare for Brake Safety Week

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