High Definition Vehicle Insurance launches second generation of its proprietary telematics-based Shift®product

Fleets can save up to 20% on monthly premiums for increased safety

High Definition Vehicle Insurance (HDVI), a technology-first commercial auto insurance provider, will launch the next generation of HDVI Shift®, the first usage-based, dynamically priced insurance product for commercial truck fleets in select states for policies effective February 1 or later. The next evolution of Shift gives fleets more control over their insurance costs, including an opportunity to increase monthly premium savings.

Since its 2021 debut, HDVI Shift has helped small and midsize fleets put safety-related telematics data to better use and improve overall driver safety. Using real-time telematics data, fleets can reduce their premium monthly by improving their safety scores. With the next generation of Shift, fleets will now be able to save up to 20% monthly.

HDVI’s new Safety Lookback™ analyzes fleets’ telematics data from the past 90 days when a policy is first quoted. Fleet customers can earn immediate discounts that can be applied at the start of the policy period if the data shows strong safety performance. A 20% monthly savings could translate to more than $200,000 annually for a fleet of 100 trucks.

“During the first 18 months of Shift, customers had 40% fewer predicted crashes than industry averages, affirming that incorporating telematics data into our insurance product successfully drove safety improvements and reduced risk,” said HDVI Chief Insurance Product Officer Todd Witte. “After talking with fleet operators and assessing months of data, we’ve enhanced Shift to be more responsive to factors fleets can control, and deliver customers greater immediate savings and deeper discounts for safety improvements in 2023.”

To further encourage and track safe driving behavior, HDVI introduced Shift Score to provide fleet operators with monthly ratings to measure performance and quantifiable goals that must be met to unlock the next discount.

“Most trucking companies have an operating margin of 3-5%, making maintaining a budget and controlling costs critical,” added HDVI Co-Founder Red Spitz. “The next generation of Shift emphasizes behavioral factors which gives drivers and fleets more control over their month-to-month insurance costs.”

Shift Score is the latest in a suite of products HDVI provides. The company also provides safety insights through its fleet portal and regularly consults with fleet customers to determine how they can improve their safety performance and reduce insurance costs. Drivers are also engaged through the HDVI Driver+ mobile app, where they can access valuable safety-related insights.

That’s why Shift is the right solution for fleets that need to improve safety performance but lack the time and resources to fully evaluate and act on the data from their original telematics devices, according to Ben Davis, Principal, Commercial Insurance Associates.

“HDVI’s fleet service experts help fleets uncover ways to coach drivers on specific behaviors and then track what training or information our drivers accessed,” Davis said. “Our customers use Shift to build and maintain a strong safety culture that improves their safety performance and often lowers their premiums by thousands of dollars over the course of a year.”

HDVI used approximately 3.5 billion miles of telematics data to build a proprietary risk model and better select, price, manage, and retain risk. Quantifiable results show 90% of HDVI customers see an improvement in either speeding or hard braking, with 77% seeing improvement after their first quarter with the company.

HDVI is currently available in 17 states, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. The company expects to operate in 30 states by the end of 2023.

For more information, visit https://hdvi.com.

HDVI Shift 2.0 Infographic


About HDVI

HDVI is a technology-first commercial auto insurance provider. The company assesses risk using historical and real-time telematics data and provides tools and services that help fleets increase safety, rewards safe driving, and delivers efficient and fair claims processing. HDVI is headquartered in Chicago with additional offices in Greenville, South Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; and San Francisco. High Definition Vehicle Insurance, Inc. is a licensed property casualty insurance agent with products underwritten by various insurance companies.

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