HDVI Safe365TM

Drive safe this year, pay less next year.

HDVI is pleased to bring an insurance solution to trucking fleets in Pennsylvania and Oklahoma that rewards safety with lower premiums.

Now you’re in the driver’s seat

HDVI starts with insurance that gives you the coverages, limits, and options you need in today’s trucking market. Then we add integrated telematics, cutting-edge software, and expert safety consultants to help you take control of risk and your insurance costs.

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Competitive rates, great coverage

HDVI’s competitively priced insurance is a superior offering – with broad coverage, flexible payment terms, enhanced coverage forms, and never any hidden fees. 

Integrated telematics with a suite of tools

Our tools empower you to set goals, benchmark key safety metrics, and engage with drivers effortlessly – enabling you to be in better control of your business. 

Save money, mitigate risk

HDVI rewards safe driving with reduced premiums – giving you the power to reduce your annual auto liability premium by up to 20% upon policy renewal.

Drive safety up and premiums down with HDVI Safe365

With the HDVI Safe365 policy, the price you pay for your premium is tailored to your specific risk level. You start with a competitive rate in your first year and have the ability to achieve a discount of up to 20% upon renewal.

HDVI Safe365 Road graphic

* HDVI offers the Safe365 policy in certain states instead of our Shift policy due to regulatory requirements.