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Everyone wants the same thing – safer roads. But despite large investments in safety, truck-related crashes in the United States have increased over the past decade. Why? Because the root cause is extraordinarily complex and highly personal. That’s where our Fleet Services team comes in. We have a team of experts who not only understand insurance risk, but have been in your shoes as a trucking professional. We believe the best way to better safety is to take a holistic approach which includes telematics, actionable insights and driver coaching. Every HDVI customer gets partnered with a Fleet Services rep to help you get the most from your safety program.

Meet our team of experts

Marty Maroney, Head of Fleet Services, HDVI

Marty Maroney

Chief Fleet Services & Telematics Officer

“One of the main reasons I joined HDVI was to participate in the building of a unique and innovative insurance company. We’re working to solve some of the industry’s most difficult challenges and are doing so in a way that people haven’t seen before – you don’t get a lot of opportunities to be a part of something like this.

I was also struck by HDVI’s authentic commitment to our customers. Everyone here  really has a sincere desire to provide exceptional service while helping fleets become safer in their operations.”

As Chief Fleet Services & Telematics Officer, Marty Maroney leads a team of insurance and trucking industry experts in ensuring HDVI customers have access to the resources, tools and knowledge they need. Throughout his 27+ year career in the insurance industry, Marty has held a variety of Claims and Loss Control positions. Prior to joining HDVI, Marty worked as a Director of Risk Management Services. In addition to leading the Fleet Services Team, Marty is responsible for the efficient deployment of HDVI’s telematics solutions.

Mark Brest, HDVI Fleet Services

Mark Brest

Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

“I love proactively using technology and data to improve safety and produce ,pre optimal outcomes. When I learned that HDVI could help fleets analyze their telematics data to improve safety while providing insureds with real-time discounts, I knew it was the perfect fit for me.

Trucking companies can have razor-thin margins, and the cost of insurance is one of the top expenses for a trucking company. Anytime I can help fleets make the roads safer and save money using technology, I am all-in on the opportunity.”

Mark Brest brings a wealth of experience in commercial insurance and safety management to the team.

After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in safety management, Mark spent time as a safety and health consultant before transitioning to the traditional commercial auto industry where he worked as a Loss Control Representative.

Mark is passionate about educating fleets on how to proactively use technology and data to improve safety and compliance performance. One of his favorite parts of his role on the Fleet Services Team is helping his customers understand the various FMCSA and OSHA regulations they may be subject to and working with them to implement best practices for their business.

Bob Carl, HDVI Fleet Services

Bob Carl

Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

“I’ve always been passionate about trucking safety and HDVI gives me the opportunity to help fleets and drivers have a better understanding of vehicle maintenance and safer driving practices.

One of my favorite things is working with fleets who come to us because they are struggling with their safety and compliance programs, I love helping them implement positive changes, and it’s extremely powerful to see them make improvement turnarounds that they did not think were possible.”

Over the course of his two decades in the trucking industry, Bob Carl has held just about every position imaginable. A licensed Class A and B driver, Bob also has experience as a heavy-duty truck mechanic, maintenance shop manager and fleet safety manager.

Bob draws on all of his experience and knowledge to help HDVI customers better understand their telematics data. A passionate advocate for safety, Bob is committed to helping fleets and drivers improve their safety and compliance performance and make the roads safer for everyone.

Dave Tucker, HDVI Fleet Services

David Tucker

Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

“I joined HDVI to be able to offer small fleets access to advanced safety metrics and telematics insights. I love working with fleets to help them improve safety, compliance, and efficiency.”

Tucker – as he’s known to his customers and colleagues – has been in the trucking industry for more than 25 years, in a variety of positions that help him see the product and services from the eyes of the customer. His experience includes working as a driver, operations manager, director of safety, fleet owner and 3PL owner.

In addition to his hands-on trucking experience, Tucker has an extensive background in operations and compliance and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).

Keith Myers, HDVI Fleet Services

Keith Myers

Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

“I want customers to know what HDVI is and what HDVI is not. HDVI is not meant to be Big Brother. While we will have access to cameras and ELDs, it is not so HDVI can track drivers and watch them every second of every day. HDVI, specifically Fleet Services, is a tool or resource for fleet owners and safety managers to assist in mitigating risk, and helping fleets become safer and more attractive to the insurance market.

HDVI does not just consist of insurance and data experts, but also trucking and safety experts. The diversity of backgrounds and experience from everyone within the company allows us to differentiate ourselves from your typical insurance company. As a Fleet Services Rep, I enjoy the ability to provide fleets with useful information surrounding their fleet’s safety that they may have been unaware of, and then seeing improvement over time is very rewarding.”

Keith Myers joined HDVI after working as a broker for FTL and LTL for five years. His previous roles have helped him build a strong background in fleet operations, as well as valuable insight into how the market affects fleets

In addition to helping HDVI insureds review and analyze their safety and compliance performance, Keith regularly analyzes the risk for potential insureds and provides feedback to underwriters.

Morgan Miller, HDVI Fleet Services

Morgan Miller

Associate Fleet Services Representative

“I joined HDVI because I can see this is the future of trucking insurance. I love working with the talented and intelligent people here and bringing an innovative product to market that will truly change the lives of our customers.”

Morgan Miller joined HDVI in the spring of 2022. Prior to coming to HDVI, she worked as an underwriter and has also been a freight broker at a third-party logistics company.

In her role as a Fleet Services Analyst, Morgan helps fleets get their HDVI programs up and running and performs valuable telematics data analysis.

Need help optimizing your fleet’s safety?

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