Defend & Drive: Safeguarding your fleet from lawsuits

“Defend & Drive: Safeguarding your fleet from lawsuits” is a multi-part blog series that dives into the crucial topic of protecting your fleet from potential lawsuits. In today’s litigious world, a single accident can lead to devastating consequences if your business isn’t adequately prepared. Our comprehensive blog series aims to equip fleet managers and business owners with the knowledge and tools necessary to build robust defense strategies and minimize exposure to liability.

Part One: “The Lawsuit Shockwave. Is your fleet ready?”

Defend + Drive series, Part One: The Lawsuit Shockwave. Is your fleet ready?

In the first installment of our blog series, we put you in the shoes of a fleet manager who receives a certified letter announcing a million-dollar lawsuit following an accident involving one of their drivers. As we explore the intricacies of the lawsuit, we unveil the various elements that plaintiff attorneys exploit to increase settlement demands. From incomplete driver qualification files to non-compliance with regulations, we highlight the vulnerabilities that can lead to exorbitant settlements. To protect your company, it’s essential to exceed minimum requirements and adopt industry best practices.

Part Two: “Fortify your defense: Essential Documentation for fleet protection.”

Defend + Drive series, Part Two: Fortify your defense, essential documentation for fleet protection

The second part of our blog series takes a closer look at the crucial documentation necessary to fortify your fleet’s defense against potential lawsuits. We guide you through the process of maintaining comprehensive records in driver qualification files, training documentation, and adherence to regulations. By examining hiring practices, safety policies, and training protocols, we lay down the blueprint to reinforce your fleet’s protection. Armed with this essential documentation, you can confidently navigate any legal challenges that come your way.

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About the Authors

Bob Carl, HDVI Fleet Services

Bob Carl

Senior Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

Over the course of his two decades in the trucking industry, Bob has held just about every position imaginable. A licensed Class A and B driver, Bob also has experience as a heavy-duty truck mechanic, maintenance shop manager, and fleet safety manager. Bob is committed to helping fleets and drivers improve their safety and compliance performance and make the roads safer for everyone.

Dave Tucker, HDVI Fleet Services

David Tucker

Senior Fleet Services & Risk Engineer

Tucker has been in the trucking industry for more than 25 years, in a variety of positions that help him see the product and services from the eyes of the customer. In addition to his hands-on trucking experience, Tucker has an extensive background in operations and compliance and is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP).