Commercial Truck Physical Damage Coverage

HDVI’s physical damage insurance for collisions, theft, fire, and more

About HDVI's physical damage insurance coverage

Physical damage insurance gives you coverage for your vehicles when they are damaged in accident for which you or your driver is at fault. We offer a comprehensive form of physical damage coverage, which includes collision, fire, theft, and rollover. Physical damage coverage is optional but a good idea, especially if you are paying loans for your trucks or trailers.
Physical Damage - Truck rollover

Physical damage insurance coverage details

Collision, Comprehensive, and Specific Cause of Loss

  • Deductibles: $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000
  • Limits: up to $200,000 per power unit and $100,000 per trailers based on Stated Value
  • Symbols: HDVI uses 67 for Scheduled Unit policies and 85 for Mileage Reporting policies*
  • Towing: $5,000 limit included

*Symbol 85 applies only to those “autos” you own or lease if their description and stated values have been reported to us in writing in accordance with the applicable Liability and Physical Damage Monthly Reporting Schedule Endorsement attached to our policy.

Supplemental coverages

  • GAP coverage
  • Towing limit buy-ups to $50,000 total limit
  • Physical Damage/Cargo deductibles combined
  • Enhanced physical damage coverage
  • Hired or Borrowed Covered Autos
  • Non-Ownership Liability
  • Trailer Interchange
  • Non-owned Trailer (Trailers You Do Not Own While Attached To A Covered Auto)

Get a quote on physical damage tailored to your truck fleet

To get a quote on physical damage insurance tailored to the specific needs of your fleet, contact your agent, or request a quote from HDVI.