Security Transport enhances their safety culture with help from HDVI

HDVI’s resources and support have helped Security Transport build a culture of safety and make a 180º improvement in key safety measures.


After attempting to incorporate telematics with their previous insurance provider on multiple occasions, Security Transport CEO Rob Jacobi felt it was time to explore new insurance coverage.

Security Transport wanted to use telematics to improve safety and driver performance, but their trucks lacked dash cams. The company was hesitant to make a high investment without knowing the impact on their insurance premiums.


HDVI made sure Security Transport had everything they needed for telematics-based insurance coverage, including Netradyne dash cams and optimized ELDs. HDVI assigned an experienced fleet services representative – a former truck fleet owner – to coach the company and its drivers on using their data to achieve safer driving.


Security Transport has earned an average of 7% savings throughout the policy period and are currently up to a 10% discount. The company has seen a 100+ point jump in its Netradyne score and has noticed a significant reduction in negative driver behavior.

From April to July, they also saw improvements in key safety metrics such as following distance, speeding, and both stop sign and traffic light violations.

In-cab cameras provided by HDVI, driver coaching, and a close relationship with their HDVI Fleet Services Representative have helped Security Transport make significant improvements in the first seven months of HDVI coverage.

According to CEO Rob Jacobi, the technology, tools, and support provided by HDVI have definitely kept the fleet safer.

Security Transport Case Study Highlights
Quote from Security Transport's CEO and image of truck

"Our HDVI Fleet Services representative has been a gamechanger for us.

His experience and the direction he's provided have been essential to us, and we really lean on him for support in improving our overall safety score."

Rob Jacobi
CEO, Security Transport
Security Transport blue truck


Telematics technologies

After an initial call to understand Security Transport’s situation, HDVI provided each vehicle with a Netradyne video solution. Powerful ELDs combined with the Netradyne cameras provide even more detailed data that can be used to driver safety improvements.

Expert guidance & support

Telematics devices deliver a great deal of data, and it can sometimes be difficult for fleets to know where to focus, The HDVI Fleet Services Representative reviews the fleet’s safety data and provides valuable insights that help get the most from the technology.

Security Transport’s Safety Manager, as well as their CEO and CFO, meet regularly with their HDVI Fleet Services Representative to check the fleet’s performance against key safety metrics.

Security Transport utilizes HDVI’s Driver+ app, which helps drivers understand their driving habits and where they can improve to increase their individual safety.

Coaching sessions

HDVI helped Security Transport drill down into the data to see driver-specific actions. Reviewing front-facing dash cam video demonstrated good and bad driver habits, and they were able to develop ideas to address ongoing issues.

A top priority was to reduce the frequency of traffic light and stop sign violations.

The Fleet Services Representative provided coaching on how to identify “stale” green lights and be better prepared to stop. Additionally, HDVI provided best practices for coaching drivers and engaging them in conversations when they are not driving as safe as they should be, helping the team feel comfortable with dash cams and how the video is used.