HDVI’s Shift helped CargoX improve safety scores and premiums.

CargoX uses technology across the fleet to ensure efficient and consistent customer service, and drive improvements. They pride themselves on using the best equipment and technologies which makes HDVI the perfect fit for CargoX. HDVI helped the fleet update their technology and better understand their data, which resulted in improvements to CargoX’s safety scores – and premiums.

Our fleet services representative Mark Brest goes over all the fleet safety data with us every month. This really helps us understand safety scores and how you can improve.

DJ Kolundziva
Owner, CargoX
CargoX truck

The Backstory

Founded in 2011, CargoX Inc. is dedicated to making safe, timely deliveries so their customers never have to question when they’ll get their items or what condition they’ll be in. Their owner-operator fleet is extensive and they do everything in their power to provide their truckers with all the resources and support needed to succeed.

The Challenge

CargoX was ready to take their telematics technology to the next level. They wanted to make sure they had the right cameras for their mixed 22-unit fleet and wanted to work with a company who could help them understand and harness the power of their data.

The Solution

HDVI’s Shift insurance product was a natural choice for CargoX. One of the biggest game changers that Shift provides is the data, tools, and service to help fleets immediately start improving their safety and begin saving.

Additionally, we were able to reduce CargoX’s premiums right off the bat by combining their policies. They had multiple lines of coverage, including auto liability, auto physical damage and motor truck cargo. As HDVI writes all those lines, we were able to save CargoX 30% compared to what they had been paying previously.

The Tools

Telematics Technologies

To help CargoX begin capturing real-time telematics data, HDVI installed Motive cameras across the fleet. Pairing those cameras with ELDs gave CargoX the tools they needed to identify areas for safety improvement.

HDVI’s streamlined, centralized tools enable fleets to harness telematics data to decrease insurance costs and increase efficiency, while managing compliance and insurance digitally for a more profitable business.

Data Reviews

The telematics technologies are only the part of the HDVI solution. We know that better data means better decisions, and fleet services representative Mark Brest immediately focused on helping CargoX understand and analyze their performance.

Mark works with CargoX to identify where they should be focusing their efforts, using data to benchmark safe driving and monitor the fleet’s progress towards their goals. Working with Mark has already made a huge difference.

“The 1-on-1 calls have helped us understand both the data and the fleet better,” said DJ. “Mark goes over all the data with us and provides valuable insights that help us run a safer fleet.”

Driver Safety Bonuses

As part of the HDVI Shift insurance product, CargoX began utilizing the Driver+ app. Through the app, drivers can receive valuable safety information as they measure their performance against other drivers. 

The Driver+ app makes it very easy to reward the drivers. CargoX drivers can select from a variety gift cards as their reward.

Driver+ App benefits

The Results

Since they began working with HDVI in January of 2022, CargoX has performed very well from a safety standpoint. Their CSA scores have improved and driver engagement has increased. They have also saved money – their premiums have decreased by 10%.


decrease in premiums