High Definition Vehicle Insurance now serving fleets in Wisconsin

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We are excited to announce our expansion into Wisconsin. Small to midsize trucking fleets in the state can now use HDVI’s innovative telematics products, data, and dynamically priced insurance to protect drivers and equipment, improve operations, and lower insurance costs. 

Over 20,800 trucking companies operate in Wisconsin, primarily small, locally owned businesses, according to statistics compiled by the American Trucking Research Institute (ATRI), showing how trucking drives the state’s economy. ATRI studies also show that 77% of Wisconsin communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods and that a wide range of supporting businesses serve these companies.

“Small and midsize fleets often want to be safer but lack the resources necessary to impact safety in the ways that some of the more successful mega-fleets have,” said Chuck Wallace, HDVI CEO and co-founder. “A core tenant of the HDVI approach is to bring the sophisticated safety and risk-management tools that the mega-fleets use to the small and midsize trucking company as part of a holistic, end-to-end solution while maintaining that one-on-one relationship with a dedicated fleet services representative.”

HDVI Shift®, a first-of-its-kind dynamically priced commercial trucking insurance coverage, uses onboard telematics data to inform real-time risk models. With HDVI Shift, fleets can save up to 12% on their monthly premium based on real-time driver safety, rather than waiting for their insurance company to recognize their safety gains, which could take years.

HDVI delivers a more connected and tailored service than traditional insurance providers by providing safety insights through the fleet portal and meeting with fleets monthly to help them identify where they can focus their efforts to improve safety and reduce insurance costs. Drivers are also engaged through the HDVI Driver+ mobile app, where they can earn rewards and receive valuable safety information.

Included in an HDVI Shift policy is the cost of fleets to use video telematics and electronic logging (ELD) systems. HDVI Shift pays for the hardware and subscriptions for a wide range of video telematics devices. 

HDVI is focused on small and midsized trucking fleets and is currently available in 12 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. 

Backed by $32.5 million in Series B funding, a growing workforce and talented senior leadership, the company continues to develop new products and will grow its presence to 25 states by the end of 2022. 

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Brittany Wooten
Brittany Wooten
Director of Content Marketing | HDVI
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