HDVI Recognizes Employee Excellence and Outstanding Achievement

HDVI Employee Excellence Awards

At HDVI, we think it’s important to celebrate the incredible talent of our team. Every year, we ask our team members to tell us who they think deserves special recognition for their dedication, creativity, and hard work.

Based on their recommendations, our HDVI Annual Excellence Awards recognized a dozen of our best and brightest across different categories.

Anissa Guardiola, our award-winning people operations manager, put it best: “These Excellence Awards aren’t just a quick high-five. They set the bar high, inspire us all to think bigger, and create an atmosphere where we’re all striving for greatness. It’s all about attracting the best talent, sparking innovative ideas, and making sure we’re all super engaged to deliver the best for our customers.”

Here’s a list of our 2023 Excellence Awards class and what their colleagues had to say about their outstanding work:

Merredith Lewis, Vice President of Software Product, HDVI

Leadership Award: Merrie Lewis, VP of Software Product

“Merrie is an exceptional communicator who brings people together, goes the extra mile to meet their needs, and fearlessly solves problems. As a leader, she strikes the right balance between being hands-on and giving her team space to learn.”

Caleb Cunningham, Product Manager, HDVI

Above & Beyond Award: Caleb Cunningham, Product Manager

“Caleb possesses extensive knowledge of our core systems and is always willing to share his expertise with others. His admirable trait is his willingness to help even when he is unsure about the answer.”

Hannah Coleman, Product Designer, HDVI

Rising Star Award: Hannah Coleman, Product Designer

“Hannah creates beautifully thoughtful mockups that have transformed our insured’s experience, adding more value to our product. She consistently delivers top-notch results, making our customers happy and bringing upgrades to our portal for delivering driver/fleet data.”

Morgan Harrison, Senior Operations Specialist, HDVI

Team Player Award: Morgan Harrison, Senior Operations Specialist

“Morgan’s proactive and cheerful attitude is truly inspiring. His efforts significantly boosted our collaborative spirit, and his support for people and business/sales operations throughout the year is truly admirable.”

Karla Ferguson, VP of Claims, HDVI

Innovation Award: Karla Ferguson, VP of Claims

“Karla’s exceptional leadership has allowed her to create a claims department from scratch and form a team of experts making significant strides in improving our business. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction and her visionary approach have driven innovation and resulted in outstanding outcomes.”

Ben Sankary, Strategic Operations Manager, HDVI

Innovation Award: Ben Sankary, Strategic Operations Manager

“Ben’s exceptional organizational skills have set him apart in implementing new initiatives. His dedication and contribution have significantly improved HDVI’s efficiency and product quality, making him a key player in the company’s success.”

Tic Sonthipanya, QA Director, HDVI

Customer Service Excellence Award: Tic Sonthipanya, QA Director

“Tic is an exceptional leader who inspires us all with her tireless work ethic, unwavering dedication, and genuine care for our customers. Despite her many responsibilities, she still manages to prioritize the support channel and ensures that every customer receives an incredible experience.”

Anissa Guardiola, People Operations Manager, HDVI

Best Newcomer Award: Anissa Guardiola, People Operations Manager

“Anissa has made an exceptional impact on HDVI in such a short time. She has gone above and beyond to complete several critical tasks, including an HRIS review, benefits open enrollment, performance reviews, engagement survey, engagement initiatives, and DEI.”

Bettina Rudisill, AVP Insurance Product & Compliance, HDVI

Employee of the Year Award: Bettina Rudisill, AVP, Insurance Product and Compliance

“In 2023, Bettina  managed three departments with precision and efficiency, streamlining processes and enhancing systems along the way. Bettina’s commitment to excellence and willingness to always be available to address concerns is an inspiration to us all.”

Michele Smith, Small Fleet Underwriter, HDVI

Most Improved Award: Michele Smith, Small Fleet Underwriter

“Michele started her role as an underwriter in early 2023 and by the end of the year had become one of the most efficient members of the team. As a result of her hard work and dedication, Michele was able to quote a massive amount of business and bind many quotes, making her the underwriter with the highest number of quotes in 2023.”

Praveen Vavilala, Senior Data Scientist, HDVI

Most Improved Award: Praveen Vavilala, Senior Data Scientist

“Praveen shows a remarkable commitment to personal and professional growth by acquiring diverse skills in areas like insurance and Palantir. He has developed expertise in building complicated insurance reports with dozens of other reports, ranging from FMCSA to speeding in underwriting to all MRe datasets.”

Kareem Bawala, VP of Software Engineering, HDVI

Lifetime Award: Kareem Bawala, VP of Software Engineering

“Kareem possesses a deep understanding of all our systems and products. He has made significant contributions to the success of the company, making him an ideal model for the Lifetime Achievement award. He has mentored numerous individuals and is a dependable and committed colleague.”

We’re incredibly proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Excellence Awards winners. Their dedication, innovation, and passion set the standard for excellence at our company, inspiring us all to reach higher for our customers. Congratulations to each and every one of you for your outstanding contributions!

Reid Spitz & Chuck Wallace
Reid Spitz & Chuck Wallace
Co-Founders | HDVI
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