Shah Trucking Case Study

High-quality telematics, innovative Netradyne technology, and HDVI’s software and support combined to help Shah increase profitability, keep first-class drivers on staff, and improve safety for everyone on the roads.

Shah Trucking trucks at loading bay
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The Backstory
HDVI teamed up with insured clients Shah Trucking - providing fleet telematics and driver coaching at no extra cost - to greatly reduce their safety-critical events and set them up for ongoing success in risk management.
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The Challenge
The Shah Trucking fleet had a few on-the-road incidents that sent their premiums with a previous insurer skyrocketing.
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The Solution
With our Dynamically-priced HDVI Shift™ insurance, we were able to put Shah Trucking on the path to a safe and more efficient fleet. To implement the plan, Dashcams and electronic logging device (ELD) reports were supported by coaching sessions from HDVI's experienced Fleet Services team and Shah's own driver recognition program.

The Tools

Dashcams were implemented into the fleet to provide greater insights that can support safety improvements and help protect the fleet. A Dashcams can help explain why a driver was speeding, braking or had a distracted driving event. While Shah had ELDs prior to becoming an HDVI customer, the connected Netradyne cameras offered even more detail. By using Netradyne’s in-cab Driver video solution, HDVI was able to give Shah Trucking additional insight into their fleet performance.

Coaching Sessions

In addition to a greater safety data set, we also provided Shah Trucking with a personal Fleet Services representative. The data coming off telematics devices is robust, and it can be confusing to know which pieces to focus on. The Fleet Services rep has access to a fleet’s safety data and provides monthly actionable insights to make sure they are getting the most out of the technology and working towards reduced insurance premiums by focusing on those safety metrics.

The monthly coaching sessions include reviews of safety events and metrics captured through a fleet’s ELD and Dashcams. Our team can provide info on speeding hot spots on routes and help identify trends so fleet managers can adjust as they see fit. The Fleet Manager then takes our insights and has meaningful coaching conversations with their drivers. This kind of personal attention is a differentiator for a commercial insurance carrier. Many insurance companies just sign you up and don’t reach out unless there’s something wrong. At HDVI, we’re working alongside the fleet as a partner – every step of the way.

Quote from Guru Shah, CEO of Shah Trucking

Driver Recognition Program

To support their advanced safety programs, Shah Trucking also incentivizes their fleet to drive more safely. Shah rewards their drivers based on safety metrics provided by the telematics. Our HDVI Fleet Services team administers the safety incentives program on Shah’s behalf.

The HDVI Driver+ mobile app and rewards program is another great way to encourage safer driving. The program is funded and administered by HDVI, which makes it easy to add to your existing recognition program.

The Results

The HDVI and Shah Trucking collaboration prioritized safety, implemented the right tools and enhanced driver performance with personalized coaching.

Shah also graduated from a “Mandatory Inspect” to an “Optional Inspect” ISS score with a 36-point improvement, allowing drivers to spend more time driving, and less time waiting in line at roadside3 inspection facilities.

The Shah trucking fleet also saw a 65-point improvement in their FMCSA Crash BASIC score. HDVI rewarded Shah Trucking a 10% premium reduction for the next year based on this outstanding progress.

Shah Trucking First Year Results graph
  • Decreased safety-critical events by 52% overall
  • Including a 61% decrease in speeding
  • And an 86% decrease in distracted driving events