Davidson Trucking Case Study

Davidson Trucking had been exploring adding cameras to their fleet to provide an additional layer of protection. While the company was on board with in-cab camera technology, Davidson’s drivers were not.

After providing cameras for the fleet, HDVI worked with the Davidson safety manager to develop a rewards program that soon had some of the most reluctant drivers engaged, safety score improving – and rates falling.

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The Results
Since joining HDVI, Davidson Trucking has seen almost immediate improvement in safety performance. Both company-wide and individual scores have improved on key metrics such as following distance.
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The Challenge
Davidson has always valued safety and worked hard to hire drivers with excellent safety recourse. As such, the drivers were confident in their ability to complete routes safely and efficiently.

When Davidson initially announced they would be adding in-cab cameras, the response from their drivers was ... not good.

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The Solution
It's not uncommon for drivers to be resistant to in-cab camera technology. One great way to help drivers understand the value of cameras is through rewards and incentive programs. HDVI worked with Davidson to implement a program that would resonate with their drivers and encourage them to embrace the technology.

The Tools

Rewards and Incentives

Once cameras were installed, Davidson kicked off an incentives program that would reward drivers for their performance in a variety of key safety metrics. The company made a point of making the rewards impactful, with the top three performing drivers each month receiving $500, $200, and $150, respectively. Davidson drivers are a competitive bunch, and the company believed that the rewards program would motive their team.

They were right.

“Once the rewards program took hold, things did a complete 180,” said Davidson Safety Manager, Jessica Schoendorf. “We’ve gotten great feedback from our drivers about the program, and they often stop by to ask about their scores and performance. Some of them even want to make sure we check out a certain event on the recording.”

Most Davidson drivers participate in the rewards program through the HDVI Driver+ app which allows users to see how they stack yo against the rest of the fleet across several safety categories such as following distance and speeding violation time.

Regular Data Reviews

HDVI’s streamlined, centralized tools enable Davidson to easily access the data from their cameras. Fleet Services Representative David Tucker has worked with Davidson since they first started with HDVI. He reviews and analyzes the company’s data and camera footage to help them identify areas for improvement and find the right solutions to their challenges.

One of the benefits of the Netradyne camera that Davidson uses is the depth of the data that it provides. Fleets can receive alerts on an extensive range of events, including:

  • Potential Collision
  • Stop Sign Violation
  • Traffic Light Violation
  • Hard Braking
  • Hard Turn
  • Speeding
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Following Distance

Not only will the dashcam record safety-critical events that are negative behaviors, but it also alerts the fleet of drivers’ positive behaviors. For example, if another vehicle enters the lane in front of the truck and the truck slows down to attain proper following distance the system will award the driver with a DriverStar for creating separation.

Jessica Schoendorf, Davidson Trucking Safety Manager, quote

Robust Reporting

Davidson’s drivers are extremely engaged in the rewards program, and it’s led to improved safety scores and more conscientious drivers.

One of the reasons for the program’s success is Jessica’s hands-on approach to her role as Safety Manager. She is in the system daily reviewing events and data, and she coaches the drivers on a regular basis. When she works with the drivers, she uses videos from the cameras to put the data in context and discuss how they can improve. Jessica also goes above and beyond to ensure her drivers have access to their scores – even if they’re not on the Driver+ app.

“Some of our drivers aren’t technology focused, and there are a few who are still using a flip phone,” Jessica explained. “We want to make sure they are still able to participate and keep up with their performance and ranking, so I include a printout of their monthly report with their pay stub.”

On the report, Jessica highlights the driver’s goal in one color and their score in another, and even includes notes of congratulations and encouragement.

Davidson Trucking drivers positive results chart

In the long run, these lower scores will continue to lead to reduced premiums for the fleet – Davidson has already seen decreases each month they’ve been with HDVI. Perhaps most importantly, the combination of cameras and the rewards program have helped Davidson drivers become more aware of their behavior.